As the bear market continues, we need to find ways to earn some crypto.  So here at J6 designs, we figured what better way to do that but to make T-shirts for you and your team!

We at J6 designs have over 20 years of experience in clothing printing. We have worked and still continue to work with all different types of lines, for example TunerCult, Stay Loaded, Ogio, Travis Mathew and Cloak.  We have the machinery and staff to get any size project printed and completed. 

If you are launching a new coin or an NFT or have Metaverse Land, we are willing to trade our services for your Blockchain Project. We are willing to trade out using your project coin or NFT as payment for your promotional items.  We can also take any top 50 coin as payments if required.

If you have normal business and are into the crypto world but do not want to use fiat for payment, let us work together to get you the apparel you need. 

As a trade, we do need to place a value on the items you need and what you coin/NFT/Meta Land you have. If the project is a new project, we might require not equal trade but a certain percentage higher to cover some of the risk on trade. If the project is willing to pay using a top 20 coin we can consider 1 to 1 trade. 

For example, your new Blockchain company needs $2000 worth of shirts.  If this coin is new or it’s not on any major exchanges or might take awhile for the coin to launch, we would consider taking the job maybe at $4000-$5000 (or more) value of the coin.

Another example, if you need $3000 worth of shirts and If you are launching a new NFT and do not have history in the crypto world, we might consider taking $4-5000 in mint value.

Or less, say you do have success in the NFT world, we would consider whitelisting as some value with a minting cost  trade value of a 1 to 1 ratio. 

If your company has Ethereum, Bitcoin or Polygon and is willing to trade out, we are willing to trade the value of trade with an equal amount of. In example $2000 of shirts for $2000 worth of ETH.

If this is something you are interested in please email us at [email protected]

Once our team has received this information and reviewed it,  we come back with a proposal on a trade. If we come to an agreement we start the deposit stage. The deposit amount will be on the proposal.

Our ETH address is:   J6dinc.eth